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PSSA Information

Williams Valley High School

PSSA Schedule–2022-2023

Dear Parent/Guardian/Caregiver:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires all school districts to administer the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) in English language arts, mathematics, and science. The dates of the testing windows established by the PA Department of Education (PDE) are listed here so that you are aware of the upcoming testing.

April 25, 26, 27….ELA….Grades 7 - 8

May 2 & 3…..Math….Grades 7 -8

May 4……..Science….8th grade only

Additionally, please review these very important PDE policies linked on our website to fully understand the state-testing program: 

Assessment scores represent a snapshot in time of student performance and should not be considered the sole indicator of student achievement. Data obtained from each assessment serves as one of the tools for planning school programs, designing curriculum and instruction, and providing information to the public. 

Parents may help their children prepare for the assessments by encouraging them to get plenty of rest the night before testing and have a good breakfast on the mornings of the test. Encourage your child to have a confident and positive attitude toward the assessments. 

IMPORTANT: If students bring a cell phone, smart watch or any other electronic device (i.e. iPads, iPods, tablets, smart phones, smart watches, etc.), they will be required to put them away from their person, and the test booklet/test materials. Your student will be expected to keep this device in that secured location–where they will not be able to access it–for the duration of the testing session. 

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions about the test or its administration, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Christine M. Duey

High School Principal